Tools of the Trade

I have to create videos for my classes, finally cracked and bought Adobe Premiere. I also subscribe to Pro Tools, which means there are no more excuses. I more or less have the same tools that the pros use in audio and video production, or at least the software. It’s been a relief, but nerve-racking the same time. Like I said, no more excuses.

I used to do audio and, to a lesser extent, video on a shoestring budget. If something went wrong, I could blame the software. With DAWs, of course, whatever works for you the best is the best. There seems to be more variety in audio production software anyway. I’ve used everything from Cakewalk to Cubase to Reason and Reaper and many others in the past, so I really had no trouble moving to Pro Tools. It actually feels pretty nice. More than nice, to be honest. We get along very well.

I have less experience with video editing suites. I’ve used DaVinci Resolve, but that’s about it. Premiere seems very powerful, but I’ve almost lost my stuff a number of times already. Premiere’s autosave has rescued me a couple of times, and I also save backups every few minutes manually when I’m working. I hope it will settle down soon and I can trust software a little better as I get to know it better.

All this hassle made me think that teachers today are expected to be multimedia wizards. We have to be to keep up with the demands of our duties. If I didn’t have some previous experience in media production, I don’t think I could do this job. I really feel for my colleagues who have to jump in with no prior knowledge. Everyone I know already works very hard and has a very busy schedule. It would be difficult to fit in an intense course on video editing. That said, many of them make great stuff with less experience than I have. This tells me that the tools are finally easy enough to use even for beginners. That’s great, but it also means, once again, fewer excuses. If we can do it, almost anyone can.

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