Notes to Self: Don’t Waste Your Time Online

Your life is short. Time is valuable. Produce something. Write, make music, draw, paint, anything. Imagine things and make them come true. You will feel great once you are done, even if it’s junk. Put what you think worthy online. Make stuff accessible and find proper channels. (Facebook is not a proper channel for anything but Facebook posts.) Do these things for fun as well. Do them as much as you like, but remember to rest. Your side hustles are not going to become your main hustle.

Find someplace quiet. Don’t be afraid of sitting still. Read a book, any book. Read without purpose, and read with purpose if you must. You subscribe to the New York Times for news. Read the New York Times. You subscribe to the London Review of Books. Read the London Review of Books. You subscribe to Spotify. Listen to music and podcasts from Spotify. Pick a film and watch it from beginning to end. Don’t watch it on YouTube or your computer. Watch a DVD. Go to the movies. Go to a museum.

You have a gym membership. Go to the gym. A gym with heavy metal blasting in your ears can sometimes be your quiet place. Go for a run. Organize your closet. Do a bit of housework. Brush up on your languages. These things may seem like chores, but it’s really time set aside for thought and reflection. The best ideas may come to you when you’re not paying attention and doing something else. Do these other things so that you can do the things that really matter. You don’t necessarily have to do any of this, but if you have prepared for them and set aside the time to do them, why not to do them?

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