Finishing a Book: Part 5


There is a large construction site next to my office. The symbolism is not lost on me. If I am to finish this book, I will have to put aside more time in my schedule. It is full as it is and thanks to the crisis in funding the present government has caused in Finnish universities I have taken on more translation work. The hammer could fall at any time. Until the government figures out cutting education means cutting the competitive edge of the country and the future of its economy (which is the same as making cuts to the present economy), things will stay the same. Finland, a Protestant country where suffering is a virtue in itself, has swallowed austerity with little to no criticism.

I did receive advice that basically boils down to: sleep less! I think this is necessary sometimes and lately I have worked very late nights followed by an early morning, but it is very difficult to get used to four hours of sleep a night. At least I would suffer from lack of sleep. That’s good, right? Seriously though, in this line of work your head needs to work properly and without proper sleep it would be impossible to function. Imagine lecturing in front of a hundred people when you are just about to fall asleep — it happens sometimes and it sucks. Or trying to organize the terminology and overall structure of a technical manual or a legal text. Or writing a book. Work becomes slow and the worker unproductive. Besides, even the construction workers get to go home at night.


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