Finishing a Book: Part 4

WP_20161028_16_18_05_Pro.jpgI am so busy with work that finding time for the book was as difficult today as it was yesterday. I did manage to take my whiteboard to the office. It really is a surprisingly effective tool that can help you jot down ideas quickly and develop them further in a fairly spontaneous manner. There are three ideas for three articles on mine at the moment which I will plan on the board soon. Unfortunately, only one of them is directly related to the book, but it never hurts to have a few ideas going, especially if they do not have deadlines attached to them.

WP_20161028_18_34_00_Pro.jpgAt the office, I found that I was slightly too comfortable in my new surroundings and spent a lot of my time relaxing with YouTube videos and silly articles.The Internet is wonderful, but it does eat away at your time. Like the Langoliers from that horrible Stephen King miniseries. When I left the office today I felt very drowsy, tripped on the stairs and almost fell on my face. Pulse racing, I literally stumbled upon a bizarre light show projected from what I presume used to be a guard’s shack. A light shone on one of the buildings they used to guard when there was industry in Suvilahti. Bizarrely, I tend to think that if I focus a hundred percent on a project like the one I’m in the process of starting, I will not notice these little everyday miracles. Perhaps it’s better to think that the miracles are always out there whether you notice them or not. I guess they call it faith.

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