An Experiment in Silence Day 7

Note: I decided to give up aural media for two weeks. This meant I would mute music, films, TV, YouTube, audiobooks and other media at all times. The point was to minimize unnecessary junk entering my ears in my daily life.

On the seventh day of the experiment I finally cracked. After my initial relapse, I managed to stay strong for a day or so, but eventually the silence became intolerable. I discovered music was not a form of entertainment. It is a necessity. I did not work more efficiently without it nor did I feel more at ease during my daily routine. The silence grew more oppressive with each passing day. Obviously, I knew that I would be cutting off something essential from my life, but I never thought I would miss music so much. Of course I heard music on the radio in public places. However, it was not the kind I listen to voluntarily and treasure.


Something did happen, though. I still go to the gym with my noise-canceling headphones and leave them unplugged. It is therapeutic to have about an hour of silence a few times a week combined with physical exercise. Lifting weights is like a meditative practice this way. I also like to think silent training protects me from injury. I have also noticed that I turn off music while working more often now if I find it distracting. Previously, I would sit at the Computer, music blasting in my ears, and wonder why I cannot concentrate properly. Now, silent work is less frightening. Perhaps because I know how terrifying silence can get. Because of all these things, I think that although the experiment failed, I did learn something. It gave me a lot to think about. I managed to correct a few bad habits and although many still remain, I am more aware of them.

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