French Psychoanalysts Are Ridiculous People: Sophie Robert’s Le Mur Banned in France

Not too long ago I watched the Norwegian documentary series Hjernevask and enjoyed the way the host of the series mocked close-minded academic blowhards. There seems to be a trend for these kinds of documentaries, because yet another one popped up on a mailing list. However, whereas it is usually enjoyable to watch the likes of Hjernevask, this particular documentary called Le Mur: La psychanalyse à l’épreuve de l’autisme really got my goat. The main reason for that was that the victims of the psychoanalysts presented in the documentary are autistic children. The analysts appear as absurd fiction peddlers who not only deserve to be mocked but must be mocked as much as possible and as soon as possible. The whole documentary is on YouTube and a bit of googling gets more hits.

Awful people. Anyway, the second disturbing thing about the film is that my sources tell me that the film has been banned in France because the psychoanalysts’ feelings were hurt. The filmmaker, Sophie Robert, is now in a bit of trouble, although the ban should bring more publicity to the film and the child abuse committed by the psychoanalysts. Usually theoretical bullshit is fine when it does no real harm, but someone has to draw the line. Sophie Robert did just that and now the analysts are protecting their pride with lawyers. They seem like despicable creatures who preach Lacan and Lévi-Strauss like I sing in the shower: off key and laying waste to civilization. I actually couldn’t watch the documentary in one go, but it’s important I did finally manage it. Anyone reading this should try the same. I must warn you, though, that you have to withstand a pretty hefty dose of French psychobabble before the documentariste tells us that the point of the film is to advocate therapies that were adopted in the US thirty years ago. In case you need a palate cleanser afterwards, check out the Temple Grandin movie to see how that worked out.

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