I tried to think of something to say about Kandinsky, but I couldn’t think of anything. (He wrote tons of stuff about art himself and that’ll help anyone interested to learn more.) Instead, I wrote this little scene under one of his paintings.

Source: Wikipedia

A Romance

[Alarm goes off]
R: Isn’t all this a bit Kafkaesque?
B: What do you mean?
R: Sort of . . . a violently absurd parable that reflects the human condition, if you will.
B: No, I mean what are you referring to as Kafkaesque?
R: Oh.
[Pause, alarm dies]
R: The bell, the siren we heard just now.
B: Sirens don’t do Kafka nor does Kafka do sirens.
R: No, no. Someone’s house is burning down and boots are put on feet and overalls on shoulders and gloves and a small army of people with axes and hoses and trucks head to the site to save someone who probably hates her life anyway.
B: It could have been a car crash or something else.
R: No, it was a fire. In any case, my point still stands.
B: Did you just use that word to impress me, or maybe you lit a fire just to have the occasion to use it and so try to impress me.
R: It has nothing to do with you, but I do like you.
B: I like you too.
[Distorted violins and fade]

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