And After the World Exploded

It wails like something dying. An operation set by a forgotten algorithm, the whys or hows are not known or existing. It is perfect now, but where are they? Where are they? Everyone has disappeared, having forgotten what it is to be too human. Since when was death acceptable?

Source: Wikipedia

Bomberg – In the Hold (1913-4)
Do they ever (say) sneeze in the trenches and remember? Ever go back to something made alien by a non-entity nobody makes present anymore as they are ground into mincemeat unit after unit? Like Dante’s ascent, their companions become abstractions, generals, universalized souls as they move towards a token God in whose presence others are no more to one.

Source: Wikipedia

Bomberg – Ju-Jitsu (1913)
And after the world exploded the sins of our fathers would not be purged, because there is no-one left. Words do nothing, the brain means nothing; there is something hidden, but it’ll turn out to be empty every time it is discovered. There is little melodrama in it or the realization that it was made up of the banal. You can still enjoy the sight of a butterfly, it just does not mean anything.

Source: Wikipedia

Bomberg – Mud Bath (1914)
Does this change things? Yes. You cannot be a spoke in the wheel anymore because there is little use for yous in its anatomy. It wails like something dying. It is out there, someone made it count, and there is no retrieving it. All the gifts: no hope, no worries. Enforced global enlightenment made the human race disappear.

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