A Series of Rhetorical Devices: Rudimentary Diagramming

Diagramming can be useful, but even when diagrams fail to clarify things it’s at least fun to draw them. Shifting around the elements of analogy seems to lend itself pretty well to diagramming and they can be used to draw some sort of wire frame to illustrate a way metaphor and allegory may be constructed from analogy.

(1) Theme and Phoros

The first picture simply presents the scheme of analogy and identifies the theme and the phoros.

(2) Superior and Inferior Terms

The second image shows the alternative way of grouping the terms of analogy.

(3) Tenor and Vehicle

The third image shows a metaphor with its tenor and vehicle labeled. That’s a pretty boring picture, but it allows us to include the implied analogy that accompanies metaphor. You can also see that the superior terms have an element from both the theme and phoros.

(4) Allegory

The final picture shows allegory as it was defined through analogy and metaphor. It’s just the two main elements of metaphor aligned differently. There’s only two pairs here, but of course there could be many more.

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