Art in Paris

I took a trip to Paris in 2008 with the sole purpose of looking at paintings and sculptures. I made notes of my tours of the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay and these posts are based on those notes. I’m uneducated in matters of art, so the result is a sort of reconstructed memory of my efforts to educate myself. Here’s a list of posts:

(1) Some Large Paintings in the Louvre
(2) Sabine Women
(3) Two Poussins with Special Effects
(4) Caravaggio
(5) Louis’s Other House
(6) Chiaroscuro and La Tour
(7) Overnite Renaissance
(8) Not So Fresh
(9) The Greatest Leonardo
(10) What the Hell is Mannerist Art Anyway?
(11) Getting Serious About Pottery
(12) Angels With Human Faces
(13) Some Female Figures in Marble
(14) Head
(15) Impressionist Blurriness
(16) Realist Rudeness
(17) Painting Monet’s Eyes
(18) Degas and the Puberty of Modern Painting
(19) Vincent Van Gogh
(20) Gray, Bland, and Dull
(21) Some Dudes in Bronze
(22) Oncle Corot
(23) Pretty Ladies
(24) Camille Claudel
(25) Looking for Simberg at Musée d’Orsay

The posts were transferred here from my previous blog and unfortunately I cannot include the comments. Similar posts will appear on this blog from London and, a bit later, Amsterdam. The tone of the posts is very informal and be warned that there is a bit of profanity as well, but they do include pretty pictures and links to more information.

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